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Cygnus Capital maintains continuous and systematic engagement with the investor community, to provide clients with direct access to a wide range of appropriately qualified, active investors. 

Cygnus Capital has developed close relationships with a broad spectrum of investors across Europe and the Middle East, including Government Investors and Sovereign Funds, Development Agencies, Insurance Companies, Pension Funds, Endowments, Foundations, Funds of Funds, Investment Advisors, Private Banks and Family Offices.

We maintain regular contact with all the major institutional investors across Europe and the Gulf Region. However, we differentiate our service through the strong working relationships we have developed with a significant number of smaller and more entrepreneurial investors, who continue to be an excellent source of capital for our clients.

Over 20 years, through thousands of meetings and calls, we have established a detailed proprietary investor intelligence database, offering valuable insights into investors' needs, strategies and their investment processes, and we enjoy a constructive relationship with investors across our markets.

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