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Cygnus Capital works closely with clients to assist with their strategic analysis and planning, to ensure effective positioning of their funds, and we then provide the full spectrum of fundraising services to final conclusion each project. Alternatively, we can work with managers who have already developed their offering, to extend their reach into the markets, on a particular sector or geographic basis, or to top-up towards the end of a fundraising campaign.


The Fundraising Process


• Analysis of client’s strategy to develop an effective marketing plan

• Drafting placement documents, pitch books, teasers, DDQ

• Distribution of sales literature to prospective investors

• Initiation of dialogue to gauge investors’ interest

• Planning and co-ordinating investor meetings

• Briefing our clients prior to each meeting

• Attending and recording all meetings

• Supporting investors’ due diligence 

• Following-up to close deals.

Fundraising – Step-by-Step

Cygnus Capital’s fundraising service generally follows this pattern:

Marketing Analysis and Sales Documentation.

We undertake a detailed review, from an investor’s perspective, of a client's investment strategy, team dynamics, track record, and fund structure. From this analysis, and a careful evaluation of the competitive environment, we help to position and differentiate the fund and develop a marketing strategy. We can prepare the all supporting sales documentation (PPM, pitchbook, teaser, due diligence materials, etc) to communicate the right message to potential investors accurately and effectively. This can include a press and public relations strategy; to place supporting editorial comment into specialist and financial media.

Communications Strategy.

Prior to investor meetings, we help clients to refine and focus their presentations, ensuring that they are fully prepared for interaction with an astute and challenging audience, from a variety of different cultural backgrounds. Additionally, we develop a communications strategy to establish and maintain a focussed dialogue with potential investors, throughout the fundraising process.

Investor Targeting.

From our extensive database, we develop investor target lists that match the fund offering, in accordance with any investor profile that clients may have. Subsequently, we introduce the Fund to potential investors by email and telephone and by preliminary meetings, to provide sufficient information to pre-qualify them for meetings.


We then plan roadshows across Europe, the Gulf and elsewhere, to introduce clients to investors that already have a clear understanding of the offering, and have expressed an interest in the fund.  We prioritise meetings effectively, use time efficiently and undertake all administrative and logistic aspects of the trip, including flight/train/car itineraries, hotel bookings, as required. 

During roadshows, a member of the Cygnus Team accompanies the client at all times, handing over to colleagues as appropriate, to get people to the right place at the right time, to provide written and verbal pre-meeting briefings about each investor, make introductions, carry presentations, take notes etc. 

During meetings we contribute to the dialogue, as required, particularly to adapt presentations to investors’ specific needs and to ensure that investors’ requirements for information are met fully. 


Immediately after each roadshow, we provide meeting notes and identify follow-up actions (and work with clients to fulfil these) and follow-up immediately with investors that we have met, etc.

Sustaining Dialogue.

After meetings, we sustain the dialogue with investors, in accordance with the agreed communications strategy, and report other events, such as exits, deals etc. as they occur, to maintain and develop investors’ interest and engagement

Deal Closing.

Additionally, we support the flow of information between potential investors and the fund manager, as due diligence is undertaken, to drive the process towards a commitment. With clients’ primary focus on deals and portfolio management, we that ensure full continuity with investors is maintained until a conclusion is reached with each one.


Subsequent to fundraising, we continue to support clients’ communications with investors and keep in close contact with those investors that didn't quite make it, for a variety of reasons, (timing, capacity, capital constraints, etc). This engenders a positive mindset for the next fundraising effort

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